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Lesson 6 wk 9/29

Chapter 12

Design and Documentation

Crossing the bridge from research and strategy into design, the landscape shifts quite dramatically. The emphasis moves
from process to deliverables, as your clients and colleagues expect you to move from thinking and talking to actually
producing a clear, well-defined information architecture.

Guidelines for Diagramming an information Architecture

Architectures as we’ve mentioned many times, are abstract [...]

Lesson 5 wk of 9/22

Chapter 10

This phase begins with a review of existing background materials and meetings with the strategy team, aimed at gaining high-level understanding of the goals and business context, the existing information architecture, the content, and the intended

Process Overview
Early days of web design, many companies employed a one-step process called “Code HTML”.

A Research Framework
Context, Content [...]

Lesson 4 wk 9/15

Chapter 7, 8 & 9

Chapter 7

Navigation Systems

The navigation systems are composed of several basic elements, or subsystem. The global, local, and contextual
navigation systems that are integrated within the web pages themselves. The embedded navigation systems are
typically wrapped around and infused with the content of the site.

Building Context

When designing complex web sites, it [...]

Lesson 3 wk 0f 9/8

Chapter 5
Organization Systems

Challenges of Organizing Information
Internet is forcing the responsibility for organizing information on more of us each day.
New information technologies open the floodgates for exponential content growth, which
creates a need for innovation in content organization.

Words are capable of being understood more than one way.

This website has a lot free tagging indicating collaborative [...]

Lesson 2 wk of 9/1

Chapter 3
User Needs and Behaviors

Information Needs
Organization systems-present the site’s information to us in a variety of ways, such as content categories that pertain to the
entire campus.

Navigation systems-help users move through the content such as a directory.

Search systems- allow users to search the content whole web from site’s search interface.

Labeling systems-describe categories, options, and links in [...]

Lesson 1 wk 8/25


Introduction and Overview

Information Architecture is not computer programming software, development, database management. Note: based on
concepts not technologies.

Book-Information Architecture for the World Wide Web this book is also know as the”polar bear” text.

Three roles of Information Architecture is discipline, role & community.

Information Architecture began with Web-based information environments, over time it has expanded [...]