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Lesson 9 wk 07/12/10

Chapter 14

An Interview with John Buckman, CEO and Founder of Magnatune.
Based on Berkeley, California, Magnatune incorporates dynamic means of gaining exposure as well as income for its artists. Magnatune is interesting for at least three
reasons: 1. offers free MP3 streams of all of its music, although it offers downloads for payment 2. it distributes its enire catalog without using licenses as part of its
business model. 3. it incoporates Creative Commons license as part of its business model.
Magnatune was founded in 2003 by John Buckman the company’s CEO and president. The following interview was conducted with John in summer 2004.

Chapter 15

Creative Commons: A New Way to Encourage Creativity Online

Introduction to Creative Commons
Creative Commons is mechanism for facilitating new expression online. No one may use a work protected by copyright to create a new work without consent and
the copyright owner’s consent is often conditioned upon financial compension.

Creative Commons as a Business Model

Business model in areas such as hip hop and dance music where use of others’ work to create new work happens frequently. Creative Commons can be used to ease
anxiety and indeed encourage borrowing from an original work.

Chapter 16

Online Record Stores

An Interview with Derek Sivers, Founder and President of CD Baby (

CD Baby is one of the largest online retailer of music by independent artists. The store deals directly with musician avoiding any middlemen. It keeps the pie less divided and offers a better alternative for smaller artists. The Portland, Oregon-based company was established in March 1998 by Derek Sivers. This interview updates the interview in the original edition and focuses on CD Baby’s move into digital distribution.

Interview with Norm Levy

He president of Media Street is sculpting a new digital music marketing and distribution business model with help from Chuck D, DMC, musicans from Lynyrd Skynyrd
3 Special and 3 Doors Down Jazz legends such as Dave Samuels, Billy Cobham and Jan Hammer and reggae pioneers, SLy & Robbie. All have jointly created a music portal

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