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Lesson 4 wk 6/7/10

Chapter 7

Licensing Music for New Media

This is for those who wish to use music in their website. However, if you are an artist or indie label you will use your own music. This section is intended for people
who are not artists but would like to add music to their site.

Free is easy if you write and record your own music.
Public Domain you can also use for free music.
Small Fee find a local musician to write and record new music for your website. and local music school are good places to start your search
Expensive or Impossible you will have to deal with two different copyrights: the owner of the copyright in the master and the owner of copyright in the song.

Chapter 8

The Recording Industry in Crisis

In the last eight years sales of recorded music and revenue have declined approximately 25 percent in the U.S. according to the RIAA’s income and sales reports.
Many in the business blame unauthorized file sharing and CD burning for the recording industry’s woe.

RIAA’s Lawsuits Against Kids and Grandmothers

Defendants in the first round of lawsuits was a 12-year-old and a grandmothe. The grandmother reportedly got off when her son-in-law an attorney was ble to
demonstrate that the RIAA had made accused of stealing.

What is the Future of the Music Business?

The U.S. leads the world in broadband subscribers at more than 60 million. That is up from 44 percent in 2005 and 35 perent in 2004.
Broadband was adopted by a majority of consumers faster than many other technologies including CD players, the VCR, cell phones, color TV s and even he personal

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