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Lesson 5 wk of 9/22

Chapter 10

This phase begins with a review of existing background materials and meetings with the strategy team, aimed at gaining high-level understanding of the goals and business context, the existing information architecture, the content, and the intended

Process Overview
Early days of web design, many companies employed a one-step process called “Code HTML”.

A Research Framework
Context, Content & User

Research Meetings
Strategy team meeting

Content management meeting

Information technology meeting

Stakeholders interviews
They are often one of the most valuable components of the business context research.

Content Analysis
Defining component of the bottom-up approach to information architecture, involving careful review of the documents and objects that actually exist.

Gathering content
1. Format
2. Document type
3. Source

Analyzing content
1. Structural metadata
2. Descriptive metadata
3. Administrative metadata

Card Sorting-great understanding of users
1. Open/closed
2. Phrasing
3. Granularity
4. Heterogeneity
5. Cross-listing
6. Randomness
7. Quantitative/qualitative

Chapter 11

What Is an Information Architecture Strategy?
1. Information architecture administration
2. Technology integration
3. Top-down or button-up emphasis
4. Organization and labeling sysems
5. Document type identification
6. Metadata field definition
7. Navigation system design

Research to Strategy-a good information architect starts considering possible strategies for structuring and organizing the site
before the research even begins. During the research phase, through out the user interviews and content analysis and benchmarking studies, you should be constantly testing and refining the hypotheses already in your head against the steady
stream of data you’re compiling.

Metaphor Exploration-Powerful tool for communicating complex ideas and generating enthusiasm
1. Organizational metaphors
2. Functional metaphors
3. Visual metaphors

The Strategy Report
The process of integrating the previous results, analysis, and ideas into a single written document forces rough
decisions, intellectual honesty, and clear communication.

Executive summary
Provide a high-level outline of the goals and methodology, and present a 50,000-foot view of the major problems and
major recommendations. The executive summary sets a tone for the entire document and should be written very carefully.

Content Management
1. Rules
2. Roles
3. Resources
4. Templates
5. Metadata
6 Thesaurus-helps users find information more easily.

1. Umbrella Shell for Separate Hubs
2. Integrated Content Repository
3. Active Inter-Hub Management

The structure and organization of this site sort of hurt the search and navigation process. The site has overwhelming content, confusing and frustrating. However, strong color schemes which makes the labeling very readable to some users. The site has a good visual metaphor with the images, icon and color that created a great connection.

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