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Lesson 2 wk 5/24/10

Chapter 3

Webcasting sometimes referred to people as internet radio which is a non-interactive streaming of audio on the internet. This content can originate from various
sources, including live or prerecorded talk, live musical performance and sporting events and prerecorded music.

Webcasting important since it offers in terms of musi is the enormous variety of programming it can provide. Internet radio offers listeners an unlimited number
of musical choies.

Statutes recording labels that have to get radio stations to pay them to play their records. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA ) is the trade
group that represents the U.S. recording industry.

Satellite Radio Rates have been granted fixed percentage of revenue performance royalty rates by the U.S. 2007.:6 percent, 2008: 6 percent, 2009:6.5 percent,
2010: 7.5 percent.

Public Performance Rights is performance of songs by broadcast or by digital transmission including a Webcast, requires a public performance. Playing music on a
standard broadcast radio for instance is a public performance radio transmits songs to the public.

Chapter 4
Downloading and Interactive Streaming

Acquiring Rights in Masters for Downloading and Interactive Streaming
Record Companies the deals for acquiring rights from record companies to sell their masters on the internet vary in accordance with the quantity and quality for the
records being provided. The digital music service will seek the broadcast possible rights o enable it to deliver music in a variety of ways or to experiment with different
delivery models to see which will catch on with users.

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