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Lesson 8 wk 07/05/10

Chapter 11

How to Build a Website & Why

Create Exposure for Your Music
Artists are up and coming acts to invest the time, energy and a modest amount of money into a quality Website is that the Internet provides a worldwide
audience for your music.

Construct a Website
What You Need to Bring to the Table. There are three essential forms of content that you, as the artist need to furnish to create a Website. A bio, high quality photo,
and at least several high quality photo, and at least several high quality samples of your music.

Chapter 12

Interviews with Artists who are Using New Technology to Succeed

Interview with Grammy-winning Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Will Calhoun

Will Calhoun graduated Berklee School of Music in Boston, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production and Engineering. Will’s unique blend of improvisational hard rock and drumming can be found on each of Living Colour’s four release by Epic Records including the ground-breaking multi-platinum debut “Vivid.”

Dave Samuels Interview one of the foremost vibraphone and marimba players in the world. He worked with a long list of some of the most brilliant jazz and fusion artists,
including Spyro Gyra, Pat Metheny, Gerry Mulligan, Oscar Peterson, and Chet Baker.

Chapter 13

Additional Ways to Use the Internet to Promote Your Music and Make a Living

Online Distribution
Online music services such as the companies discussed in the next part of the book allow unsigned artists to sell their music online.
Online distribution breaks down into two categories: A digital record companies and online record stores and we will explore both of these business models in depth.

Blog and Weblogs
Website that publishers information or opinions on a specific or wide range of topics. Weblogs are generally focused on the ideas of one or a group of “bloggers,” but
often will welcome comments and contributions by readers.

A podcast is a radio show that listeners can download online feed into an MP3 player and listen to any time they wish while away from their computer.
Adam Curry the former MTV personality, has been credited as one of the creators of this new medium. He quoted in December of 2004 as stating “There’s a lot of great
radio out there that I would love to listen to when I am ready for it.

Podcasting has the potential to become a very important way of exposing independent music. Webcasting music, requires songs to be constantly streaming is more expensive because of bandwidth costs. Podcasts are much less expensive to maintain and offer.

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