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Wk of 10/20 Lesson 9

Chapter 20

MSWeb:An Enterprise Intranet

The modular approach and an emphasis on service helped the MSWeb team succeed in revamping the MSWeb intranet.

Challenges for the User-Microsoft itself, MSWeb is insanely huge and distributed. Let’s use some numbers to paint a
picture of the situation. MSWeb contains: 3,100,000 + Pages, Content created by and for over 50,000 employees who work
in 74 countries & 8,000+separate intranet sites.

Challenges for the Information Architect-the people who are responsible for making Microsoft’s content or aggregating that
content into portals.

Three Flavors of Taxonomies
Search-log analysis

Metadata schema
URL Title
URL Description
Contact Alias
Review Date
Strongly Recommended
Category Label

Benefits to Users
Microsoft’s intranet environment matured in the mid-90′s, it began to suffer from the same afflictions as most enterprise intranets.

Chapter 21 Online Community-online community developed an innovative information architecture with almost no budget.

Architecting an Online Community-to succeed they must attract members who are already busy doing other things.

Supporting Different Levels of Participation
Support different levels of access to its content and other resources.

Capital in the Economy-made by producers and payments received by consumers.

Cracking the Nut of Integration information architecture features some major silos

Fit Enough to Survive-created and maintained by one person.

The Un-Information Architecture-there was minimal planning, formal process, or methodology.


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