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Lesson 12 wk of 11/10

Chapter 8

News and the Web

The Web of Information News
Most people read the newspaper, watch television news, and listen to radio newcasts to gain public knowledge neccessary to particpate within their local, national and global communities the quantity of news has increased the time available to use the news has not.

The Use of News
This distinguish indicates than there are gratifications that stem from the use of media message
for direct, intrinsic value to the receiver and gratifications.

Approaches to the Delivery of Digital news
This includes online access to newspaper databases, browsing the World Wide Web newgroups, and
digital new systems which deliver news to the reader.

Digital News Systems Scenario

Anticipating the capabilitie of tomorrow’s broadband delivery technology. numerous efforts are
being made at building digital new delivery platforms that exploit the technology and serve the news
related information needs of readers, journalists and advertisers.

The Role of informational News
New has generally been seen as an essential element in democracies for its role in informing
the citizenry.

Conclusion: A Question of Quality
The model of online publishing brings some of the forces of commerical television to all content publishers the direct drive to attract audiences the short attention span of readers and the need to produce.

Chapter 9

Web of Entertainment
The future of digital media in many way coincides with developments in the entertainment industry.

Why the Music Industry?
With increased use of computers and the internet, creators have found a new outlet from which they can
offer even more to their audience.

Industry Response
The internet poses difficult questions for the retail business. If someday soon you can store all of your
music on your hard drive instead of your shelves.

Seeking Control
The recording companies are intent on developing software coding standards that would specify
what consumers can do with the music they download.
The recording industry has begun selling music CDs designed to make it impossible.

The Gift Economy as a Loose Web
The musice industry must find some way of commericalizing P2P file sharing.
Evem before the Napster case was concluded the Bertelsmann corporation broke ranks with the
other major record companies to buy a stake in Napster.

A growing convergence of policy domain. This means that it is more important than ever to nurture pro active
policy development as opposed to reactive policy development.

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