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Lesson 13 wk of 11/17

Book-Holding on to Reality

Chapter 6
Producing Information/Writing and Structure

The Analysis of Structure-Natural information is about reality cultural information is distinctively for the
shaping of reality. Cultural information however can be about as well as for reality.

Alphabetic writing certainly supports that view. A text considered only as regards its spelling
that is merely as a sequence of letters.

Chapter 7

Producing Information/Measures and Grids

Though the structure and operation of language are far from fully understood the advances
of recent linguistics have made one thing clear. The more we have learned about language.

Chapter 8

Realizing Information Reading

Realizing information is to take an abstract design and to have it come to life in the concrete world.
Which can be an exhilarating as much as perilous event.

Where today, when we have difficulty in following someone who is reading to us, we are likely to say let
see that medieval authors who were doubtful about a passage they had dictated would say to their scribes let
me hear that a practice that has come down to us in audit.

Chapter 9

Realizing Information Playing

Signification and Realization
Traditional music involves a different way of realizing information. Music highlights the structure of signs rather than
the context of things and chiefly coverts time into events rather than confinement into possibility.

Chapter 10

Realizing Information Building

Construction and Contingency
The construction of medieval church that has endured to this day can have that sort of presence and
reference. So consider the building of Freiburg Minster in the Upper Rhine Valley. Take as whole the
church appears to strike a perfect balance of energy and harmony.

It would be natural to assume that such power and coherence are the result of an inspired and comprehensive
design. Designs, after all are the means humans employ to overcome the contingencies of building materials and
practices and to impose their will on the vagaries of the world.

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