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Lesson 6 wk 06/21/10

Chapter 7

Sense and Sensibility
A Range of Musicality

Rebecca West’s partly authobiograhical novel The Fountain Overflows, a story of life in a musical family, with a mother who is a
professional musician an intellectually brilliant but unmusical father, and three children two of whom like their mother are deeply musical.

Chapter 11

In Living Stereo:
Why We Have Two Ears

In 1996 Norwegian physician, Dr. Jorgen Jorgensen had written and stated that his appreciation of music had been altered suddenly and radically when he lost all
hearing in the right ear, after removal of an acoustic neutroma in the sensory nerve. The perception of the specific qualities of music ptich, timbre did not change
he wrote. “However, my emotional reception of music was impaired. It was curiously flat and two-dimensional.”

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