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Lesson 14 wk of 11/24

Part III
Technological Information
Information as Reality

Chapter 11
Elementary Measures

The Electron
The greek word for amber is electron and the heraclean stone is a magner. The complex and reciprocal processes that underlie
electricity and magnetism remained concealed for two and half milenna, and the kind of scientist who investigates them properly
did not appear until the beginning of the modern period.

The Bit
The first signs of writing were logographs, and logographic writing developed into large and complex systems. However, to have
thousands of indivisible and unresolvable logograph is, it seems, to miss something crucial about systems of signs and vehicles of information.

Chapter 12
Basic Structures

Division principle of generation as well as the basis of structure. In genesis, god’s first creative act
amounts to a gesture of dividing.

Transistor and Computer
The nucleus of an atom silicon is surrounded by four electrons. In a silicon crystal, the atoms
pool their electrons with their neighbors.

Chapter 13
Transparency and Control

Perspicuity and Surveyability
Historically considered, information technology has resulted from the convergence of two technologies the transmission
of information and automation of computation.

Gave GIS its sweepingly penetrating power was not so much the digitizing of traditional infomation as the collection of masses of new novel data through satellites that capture and relay the information contained in the way.

Transparency, Control, Prosperity
To be sure, this ambiguity of transparency lies, uneasily perhaps, in the farther recesses of contemporary culture.
The instability of transparency is held in c heck where cognitive and cultural interests.

Chapter 14
Virtuality and Ambiguity

The Resolution of Information
The concepts of resolution is accurate and helpful in well defined technical circumstances like those of remote sensing, it is
misleadingly preceise when applied to Weaver’s Illustration.

Virtual Lives
If the actual world its merely a subregion or substratum of cyberspace, ambiguity is resolved or has at
any rate evaporated.

Real Gravity
The well virtual ambiguity casts around cyberspace can be more or less dense. The more permeable
the veil the more instrusive the burdens and barriers of ordinary life. To secure the charm
of virtual reality at its most glamrous.

Chapter 15
Fragility and Noise

Physical and Social Fragility
Technological information seems uniquely robust and resonant. Digital structures are more enduring
than material ones because they allow for faultless copying.

The Origin of Noise
The fragilities that beset technological information should be easy no accept. They are far from invalidating or
endangering the astrounding accomplishment.

Information and Reality

The Lightness of Being
There is still a period of information expansion and integration ahead of us. What has been impounding information to
some extent are the partitions between different carriers of information.

Digitization will expand until it has breached the structural dams. Integration of hardware will advance as it already
has in the convergence technology that fuses television sets with telephones and personal computers.

Adjusting Balance
The succeeding kinds of information accomplish and in some ways surpass what their predecessors provide,
and so it may seem as though technological information could give us the bes of theree worlds.

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