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Lesson 8 wk of 10/13

Chapter 17

Making the Case for Information Architecture

You Must Sell-when it comes to a client; that’s what the sales folks do. If you’re an in-house information
architect your boss worries about this.

Debunking the ROI Case
The benefits of complete information architecture cannot be quantified-it’s generally possible to measure
the value of some of an architecture’s individual components.

The benefits of many information architecture components can’t ever be quantified.

Most claims for quantified information architecture benefits can’t be validated.

Talking to the Reactionaries
Not necessarily interested in numbers and often go with what feels right or is in line with their experience.

Other Case-Making Techniques
User sensitivity “boot camp sessions
Expert sit evaluations
Strategy sessions
Competitive analyses
Comparative analyses
Ride the application salesman’s value
Be aggressive and be early
Pain is your best friend

The Information Architecture Value Checklist
Technique you use to make the case for information architecture, and whether you’re making
a quantitative or qualitative case, there is a checklist of points that might be relevant to your case or story.

Chapter 18
Business Strategy-independently and in relative ignorance of each other heretofore.

The Origins of Strategy
The science and art of using all the forces of a nation to execute approved plans as effectively as possible during the peace or

Famous Fighting Words
The best strategy is always to be very strong;first in general, and then at the decisive point.

Alignment-align our information architecture activities with business strategy.

One Best Way
The best know model for strategy formulation. SWOT stands for the analysis of internal strengths and weaknesses of the
organization informed by the opportunities and Threats posed by the external environment.

Competitive Advantage
The disciplines of business strategy and information architecture are dauntingly abstract and complex.

Websites-Google Pack
The Google pack website provided a lot of softwares to observe and use. The softwares allows you to create and manage certain
web pages that are reliable sources.

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