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Lesson 9 wk 07/12/10

Chapter 14

An Interview with John Buckman, CEO and Founder of Magnatune.
Based on Berkeley, California, Magnatune incorporates dynamic means of gaining exposure as well as income for its artists. Magnatune is interesting for at least three
reasons: 1. offers free MP3 streams of all of its music, although it offers downloads for payment 2. it distributes its [...]

Lesson 8 wk 07/05/10

Chapter 11

How to Build a Website & Why

Create Exposure for Your Music
Artists are up and coming acts to invest the time, energy and a modest amount of money into a quality Website is that the Internet provides a worldwide
audience for your music.

Construct a Website
What You Need to Bring to the Table. There are three [...]

Lesson 7 wk 06/28/10

Chapter 15

In the Moment
Music and Amnesia

Clive had a devastating retrograde amnesia and a deletion of virtually his entire past.
Johnathan Miller’s extraordinary BB documentary, Prisoner of Consciousness, Clive showed a desperate aloneness, fear, and bewilderment.

Mr. Thompson profoundly amnesic patient I knew dealt with abysses of amnesia by fluent confabulations. He was immersed in his quick-fire [...]

Lesson 6 wk 06/21/10

Chapter 7

Sense and Sensibility
A Range of Musicality

Rebecca West’s partly authobiograhical novel The Fountain Overflows, a story of life in a musical family, with a mother who is a
professional musician an intellectually brilliant but unmusical father, and three children two of whom like their mother are deeply musical.

Chapter 11

In Living Stereo:
Why We Have Two Ears

In 1996 [...]

Lesson wk 5 06/14/10

Book- Musicophilia Tales of Music and the Brain

Part I Haunted by Music

A Bolt from the Blue: Sudden Musicophilia

Tony Cicoria 42 a former college football player who had become a well-regarded orthopedic surgeon in a small city upstate New York.
He went to a pay phone outside the pavilion to make a quick call to his mother. [...]

Lesson 4 wk 6/7/10

Chapter 7

Licensing Music for New Media

This is for those who wish to use music in their website. However, if you are an artist or indie label you will use your own music. This section is intended for people
who are not artists but would like to add music to their site.

Free is easy if you write [...]

Lesson 3 wk5/31/10

Chapter 5
Music Videos, Audiovisual Concerts & Documentaries

Synchronization License authorizes the user to synchronize a song or other musical composition with an audiovisual work. It considers two separate elements: the
permission to reproduce the music in connection with a particular audiovisual work may coupled with certain conditions limiting how the audiovisual work may be used.

Update:Long-Form Music Video [...]

Lesson 2 wk 5/24/10

Chapter 3

Webcasting sometimes referred to people as internet radio which is a non-interactive streaming of audio on the internet. This content can originate from various
sources, including live or prerecorded talk, live musical performance and sporting events and prerecorded music.

Webcasting important since it offers in terms of musi is the enormous variety of programming it [...]

Class-Music Informatics LIS 5937.726C10 Lesson 1 wk 5/17/10 thru Lesson 10 wk 7/19/10

Chapter 1
Music Law & Business Primer

Copyright the basis of virtually every music business transaction. Without copyright there would be no protection for musical compositions and recorded music.
Without copyright they would have no financial value.

Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States, that is the Copyright Act which is title [...]