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wk of 10/27 Lesson 10

Book-Web Theory
Chapter 2

Information and Networks
The chapter unravels the way that theories of information and theories of the network and network society can help
elucidate the social and cultural changes that are part of Web culture.

Cybernetics and information
Content to allow for its storage, conversion, and transmission is derived from a particular approach to the concept [...]

Wk of 10/20 Lesson 9

Chapter 20

MSWeb:An Enterprise Intranet

The modular approach and an emphasis on service helped the MSWeb team succeed in revamping the MSWeb intranet.

Challenges for the User-Microsoft itself, MSWeb is insanely huge and distributed. Let’s use some numbers to paint a
picture of the situation. MSWeb contains: 3,100,000 + Pages, Content created by and for over 50,000 employees who [...]

Lesson 8 wk of 10/13

Chapter 17

Making the Case for Information Architecture

You Must Sell-when it comes to a client; that’s what the sales folks do. If you’re an in-house information
architect your boss worries about this.

Debunking the ROI Case
The benefits of complete information architecture cannot be quantified-it’s generally possible to measure
the value of some of an architecture’s individual components.

The [...]

Lesson 7 Wk 10/05

hapter 14


Ethical Considerations
The truth is that ethics is one of the many hidden dimensions of information architecture.

Intellectual Access
Work is focused on helping people find information or complete tasks efficiently and effectively.

We hope to reduce senseless friction which avoiding wasted time, money and frustration.

This discusses the politics and pain involved in [...]