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Lesson 7 wk of 6/23

Chapter 13
Making Money with Your Site

Advertisements-the most popular way to make money on the Web is by selling small spaces
of Web-page real estate.

Affiliate Programs-many affiliate programs let you get a commission for referring customer to other sites.

Sell Stuff- If you have your own products to sell the Web is the perfect medium, since the costs [...]

Lesson 6 wk 6/16

Chapter 11

Your Website Promotion Plan

1. Build a truly great Web site-if you start promoting your Web site before there’s ‘s anything to see you’re wasting your
effort .

2. The most important detail is whether or not you have some genuinely useful content.

3. Share links with friends and like-minded sites-this step is all about building community. [...]

Lesson 5 wk 6/9

Chapter 9

Page layout Tools:
Tables and Styles

HTML Tables
A table is a grid of cells that’s built out of rows and columns. HTML tables were used to show tables of information.
Web developers quickly discovered that invisible tables offered a perfect way to get around the limits of plain vanilla HTML,
allowing Web page creators to lay out content [...]

Lesson 4 wk 6/02

Chapter 7

Adding Graphics

Understanding Images
Images aren’t stored in your HTML files. Images are stored in a separate file.
In order to show a picture in your page, you use the tag in your HTML

The alt Attribute
This provides a short bit of text that’s used instead of the graphic, when necessary.
For example, the web browser that requests [...]