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Lesson 3 wk5/31/10

Chapter 5
Music Videos, Audiovisual Concerts & Documentaries

Synchronization License authorizes the user to synchronize a song or other musical composition with an audiovisual work. It considers two separate elements: the
permission to reproduce the music in connection with a particular audiovisual work may coupled with certain conditions limiting how the audiovisual work may be used.

Update:Long-Form Music Video Programming: Understanding the New Platforms from a Legal Perspective(2/06)

Streaming, Web downloading, Cable VOD, Mobile and High-definition television (HDTV)

Music Publishers
In negotiating rates for the right to use the songs in streaming service, producers should emphasize the experimental nature of these new platform and that audiences for
streaming still generally have nowhere near TV network popularity.

Chapter 6
Music-Licensing Fundamentals

Audio Compilations
Compilations can consist of a collection of new tracks by different artists. This is the way of also selling old music in new packages.

Song a compilation consists of songs that have previously been released that are subject to the compulsory mechanical license.
Song title
Songwriter’s name
Publisher name and copyright percentage splits
Record company name and address
Catalog number
Playing time for each selection
Release date
Artist name
Title of album
Sign your name in the Publisher’s Approval section

Negotiating a License for Use of Music in Television Advertising

Television commericals such as the Rolling Stones Start Me Up for Microsoft.

Catalog Songs an advertiser may be willing to settle for a song that may be recognizable but not currently on the charts.
A pop standard such as Strangers in the Night or Wicked Game.

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