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Lesson 7 Wk 10/05

hapter 14


Ethical Considerations
The truth is that ethics is one of the many hidden dimensions of information architecture.

Intellectual Access
Work is focused on helping people find information or complete tasks efficiently and effectively.

We hope to reduce senseless friction which avoiding wasted time, money and frustration.

This discusses the politics and pain involved in the transition over several years from the label gay-related immune disorder through a chain of other labels to the now-accepted acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

Pysical Access
Ramp and elevators to large-print and audio books, architects, librarians, and designers are familar
with issues of physical access to traditional libraries.

Mission-critical infrastructure. And infrastructure has widespread and long-term impact.

Shaping the Future
Information architect, you ca define any or all these ethical dimensions as not my problem.
Speaking of which, a handful of user experiebce superheroes have written book that tackle
these thorny issues head on.

Chapter 15

Building an Information Architecture Team

Destructive Acts of Creation
Web and intranet redesign projects is the widespread practice of throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
The site development process moves from strategy to design to implementation.

Buy or Rent
All sorts of reasons why companies ire consultants in generals, and most of these can be applied to information architecture specifically.
1. Projects
2. Money and politics
3. Perspective
4. Programs
5. Business context
6. Relationships

The Dream Team
1. Strategy Architect-Overseeing design

2. Thesaurus Designer-Develops classification scheme

3. Controlled Vocabulary Manager-controll vocabularies

4. Indexing Specialist-Tag content and services

5. Interaction Designer-Works in the gray area between information

6. IA Software Analyst-Critcial between the IA and IT

7. IA Usability Engineer-Focuses on the interaction

8. Cartographer-Converts patterns in content

9. Search Analyst-Leads the design

Chapter 16

Tools and Software

A Time of Change

We are living in the stone age when it comes to software for information architects.
The products are crude as is our understanding of what we really need.

Categories in Chaos

Automated Categorization
Thesaurus Management
Portal or Enterprise knowledge Platform
Content Management Systems
We Analytics
Diagramming Software
Prototyping Tools
User Research and Testing

Automated Categorization-software that uses human-defined rules or pattern-matching.

Search Engines-software that provides full-text indexing and searching capabilities

Thesaurus management Tools-tools that provide support for the development and management of controlled vocabularies and thesuari.

Portal or Enterprise Knowledge Platform-tools that provide completely integrated enterprise portal solutions.

Diagramming Software-visual communication software that information architects use to create diagram, charts. wriefames, and

Prototyping tools-web development software that enables you to create interactive wireframes and clickable prototypes.

User Research-software that supports user research, including online card sorting and remove usability testing.


This site demonstrated content models along with great controlled vocabularies. However, the site motivated you to explore more search engines and style guides. A lot interesting sources and usual text.

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