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Lesson 6 wk 6/16

Chapter 11

Your Website Promotion Plan

1. Build a truly great Web site-if you start promoting your Web site before there’s ‘s anything to see you’re wasting your
effort .

2. The most important detail is whether or not you have some genuinely useful content.

3. Share links with friends and like-minded sites-this step is all about building community.

4. Perfect your Web site’s meta tags-Meta tags are hidden tags that convey important information about your Web site’s content.

5. Submit your Web site to Internet directories-like search engines, directories help surfers find Web sites.

6. Submit your Website to Internet search engines-Once you submit your Web site to Web heavyweights like Google it officially enters the public eye.

7. Figure out what happened-In order to assess the successes and failures of your strategy, you need to know measure some vital statistics-how many people are surfing to your site.

Reciprocal Links

This is a link-trading agreement and the concept is simple. You find a Web site with similar content, and you strike a bargain: for example Link to my site, and I’ll link to yours. These links are important thread in the underlying fabric of the Web.

Web Rings
A ring that is similar to a reciprocal link, but instead of sharing a link between two partners, it binds a group of Web sites together.

Search Engines

This is the one and only tool for finding information on the Web. In order for the average person to find your Web site, you need to make sure your site is in the most popular search engine catalogs, and turns up as a result for the right searches.

Chapter 12

Letting Visitors Talk to You
(and each other)

When you put your Web site online it doesn’t just drop into a vacuum. Instead, it takes center stage in front of an audience that’s always interested often opinionated and occasionally irritable.

Transforming a Site into a Community

Internet is all about community, which means you need to let your visitors react, respond, and harass you.

Mail-To Links

Let your visitor email you. This link automatically starts an email message when clicked. It’s still up to the Web surfer to
send the message, but you can supply some boilerplate subject and body text.

HTML forms

This is a corner of the HTML standard you haven’t explored yet. It defines tags that you can use to create graphical widgets
like text boxes, buttons, check boxes, and lists.

Adding Forums and Groups to Your Site

Forums are cropping up as a bonus feature on all sorts of different Web sites.
1. Technology vendors large and small use them to provide community support and spread information.
2. Topic sites use them to host rollicking discussions.
3. Individuals use them to provide technical support and get feedback.

About Google Groups
Google Group is a thriving community of discussion forums. Although it hasn’t been around as long as some other forum hosts, it
includes a collection of useful features that rival any of its competitors. And, of course, it’s all free.

Creating a Group

Head on over to Look for a link inviting new members to join, and click it.

Participating in a Group

You can add a topic right from the Web page by clicking the “Start a new topic” link.

Managing Your Group
An ordinary group member visits a group, he’ll have the option of posting new messages, replying to existing messages or changing his delivery setting by clicking the “Unsubscribe or change membership” link.


Best Textures Flickr Group

-This website sort of strange wasn’t for sure if I was on the right page. If so it was very different.

Deviant Art Textures

-This website was very enjoyable and radiant with a lot links to various of art.

Grunge Textures
-Very unique textures

Grunge Style

-Styles appear to be very useful

Screen Resolutions Worldwide

-This website very detailed in showing you segments of textures.

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