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Lesson 9

Chapter 16
Audio and Video
Using multimedia to trick out your pages with audio and video. Learning how to use creating web pages with the
background music, animatins, and even full-frame movies.

Understanding Multimedia
This includes a variety of different technologies and filed types, all of which have dramatically different computer requirements and pose
different Web design challenges.

Types of Multimedia Files
Synthesized music (MIDI)
Digial audio(WAV and MP3)
Digital video (MPEG, AVI, MOV, and WMV)
Animated GIF’s

The Embed Tag
Help you control the playback controls.

Chapter 17

A self-publishing format that can help you avoid the headaches of Web site management.
Blpgs are straightforward, and slightly chaotic way to communicate on the Web.

Blog Hosting and Software
Hosted blogs-you simply sign up with a blog provider and start blogging.

Self -hosted blogs-interesting in hosting a blog entirely on your own.

This website was very interesting in listening to different avatar stories using the sitepal. This tool would be good for any
teaching tool.

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