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“One Stop Center Famous Floridians Library”

1. I decided to build a website for my special dream library.
2. Before I started I thought about what steps I needed to take to build the library: by notepad, kompozer or Nvu
3. I tried using Kompozer had no clue to what I was doing.
4. Then I tried Nvu, well I started the title and 1st paragraph and from there, I couldn’t determined what to do from there.
5. After that I said forget it! I will just do it from scratch(using notepad) which the book helped a lot. Also asked friends, family, classmates, professors and GAs.
7. Uploaded images using TinyPic free image hosting, photo sharing & Video Hosting.
8. Free web buttons maker-took me a little time to figure out how to do the buttons.
9. Web Resizer-It was actually fun cropping and making a border for my special library picture.
10. MySpace clickable link generator html links.
11. I had trouble at first getting my web buttons to the left until I discovered br .
12. Other web resources was used etc.
***Most part of the project was trying to choose fonts, color schemes, centered paragraphs and images.

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